Tuff wool pads 4.5″ x 5.5″, 12 pads, grade #0000

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TUFF WOOL Polishing Pads: 4.5″ x 5.5″   GRADE #0000

12 pads/case 

TUFF WOOL is combination of #0000 Steel Wool and a soft absorbent felt material that is mechanically interlocked to form a tuff long lasting  abrasive for polishing many types of materials to a high luster.    These pads are great for Commercial or household projects because they  are hand size, longer lasting than conventional steel wool pads and they  can even be used with power tools.


  • Die cut to your exact specifications
  • Can be used with power tools
  • Longer lasting hand pads.  Won’t ball up or shred like conventional steel
    wool pads or rolled steel wool material
  • Soft felt backing that is a binder and absorbent
  • Re-usable
  • Also available in stainless steel wool.


Can be used alone or with a cleaning or polishing compound

  • GLASS CLEANING & POLISHING –  Great for Hard Water, Soap  scum, algae, bugs, tar, tree sap, paint overspray and hardened polish   on shower stalls, windshields, headlights, mirrors, windows, etc
  • WOOD: SMOOTHING OR BUFFING – Furniture, cabinets, baseboards, woodwork or paneling.
  • METAL POLISHING : COPPER, BRASS, STAINLESS, ALUMINUM  other  ALLOYS – Decorative metal fixtures, hardware, metal trim, railings,  moldings, wheels, etc.
  • CHROME – Mufflers & muffler tips, automotive trim, motorcycle parts, bumpers, etc (Not to be used on plastic chromed parts.)
  • PLASTIC – Scratch removal from ATV or MX body parts, snow sleds, skis, snow boards or other colored plastic items. (Not to be
    used on acrylic, clear or painted plastic.)

Produced with precision machinery to the  highest quality standards.   If your looking for more than one case,  please contact us directly and let us show you how to save.    Satisfaction Guaranteed!