ISW Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of steel wool and knitted wire mesh products.  Founded in 1924 in Springfield, OH, International Steel Wool was originally one of the largest manufacturers of steel wool in the world.   In 2018 ISW moved back to its founding home in Springfield, OH and also acquired the wire mesh and laundry press pad division of FH Bonn Co.   With this acquisition, ISW is set to expand its portfolio of wire mesh products and steel mesh pads for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry.    ISW has a long history of producing knitted wire mesh pads dating back to 1930’s when it started producing laundry press pad made from knitted wire mesh.   Since knitted wire mesh and steel wool have many similar uses and customers, we have found it to be advantageous to apply our knowledge of these applications by becoming a major manufacturer in the world of knitted wire mesh.    We strive to provide exceptional customer service with prompt quoting and short lead times for prototypes.   For pricing competitiveness, we also have production capabilities around the world.