Coarse Stainless Steel Wool For Muffler Repacking – 1lb

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ONE lb roll of COARSE (#2 / #3) Stainless Steel Wool.  

Great choice for DYI Exhaust & Muffler repacking!

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The 1 lb roll of steel wool is approximately 1/2″ thick and 4″  wide and is wound onto a 2″ ID core to an outside diameter of about 6″  and is approximately 30 -35′ long.  It is enough material to wrap a 2″  diameter baffle x 19″ long to an outside diameter of approximately 5″  when properly wrapped to the right tension.  

Stainless steel wool products withstand temperatures in excess of 700°C, exhaust acids and high vibration.

Produced with precision machinery by International Steel Wool to the highest quality standards.  Stainless steel wool is made from AISI 434 stainless steel. For more information, go to