5lb Roll Fine Stainless Steel Wool


5 lb Roll FINE Stainless Steel Wool FREE SHIPPING to continental USA!

  • Continuous ribbon of Stainless steel wool, Type AISI 434
  • Produced in three common grades: Fine(50 micron), Medium (80 micron), Coarse (120 micron)
  • Excellent media source for noise reduction, and heat insulation
  • Heat Resistance up to to 750 c
  • Typical Reel size is 4” wide and 1/2” thick single lace ribbon in 1 lb or 5 lb rolls (other sizes available)
  • 5lb roll consists of approximately 125’ linear feet of continuous steel wool ribbon
  • Highly Resistant to Exhaust Acids and High Vibration, Making it an Excellent Material for Muffler Baffling.