Spray & Buff Crystallizer, 1 Quart
Elephant Brand SPRAY & BUFF CRYSTALLIZER, Quart Size, 32 oz

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Elephant Brand Spray & Buff is an economical and very effective crystallizer for light and dark calcium based stone surfaces.   It is ideal for maintenance and restoration of polished surfaces and for worn or etched areas.   Spray & Buff restores a mirror like shine to your stone surfaces with the use of either a JUMBO or TEXSTEEL Steel Wool Floor Pad.   

Use On:  Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine and other calcium based stone surfaces.  Always test a small area to check for desired outcome.


Equipment:   Standard low speed floor machine, Steel Wool floor pad and a spray bottle with adjustable nozzle.  

Pro Tip:  Grade #0 is the most common grade of steel wool used on marble, however, choose a finer grade (#000, 00) for a higher luster and coarser grades (#1, 2, 3 or 4) to assist in light scratch removal.   Stainless steel wool can also be used for white / light colored floors or grout to prevent graying.   Always test an inconspicuous area, including border areas before proceeding.   


Coverage:   Approximately 2500 ft/gallon initial application, 15,000 ft/gallon maintenance

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Spray & Buff Crystallizer, 1 Quart

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