PestPlug™ Small DIY Kit:  4" Wide x 5' Long Roll
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PestPlug™ Small Kit:  Includes: 1 Roll = 5 Feet Stainless Steel Wool, 1 pair gloves & 1 pair of one time use scissors.

Each Roll is 5' of Felted RUST FREE Stainless Steel TEXSTEEL:  4" wide x 1/2" thick x 5' long.

PestPlug™, is made up of multi-directional layers of coarse stainless steel wool that have been stitched together so that the fibers are mechanically interlocked.  When properly installed, it forms a protective barrier that is virtually impassible by rodents, bats, scorpions, lizards, and pests and it is very easy to install.  It is  a safe, effective and Environmentally Friendly product that is used to PREVENT unwanted Pests and Rodents from entering homes, buildings, RV’s and many different structures. 

Because of the sharp fibers in our stainless steel wool, mice and rodents can not chew through it like many other products.   If mice or rodents do try to chew through the sharp fibers, they will find it to be very offensive and hurtful and will leave.   For other unwanted pests such as spiders, scorpions, bees, lizards and small snakes, it is found to be impassible because of the twisting / tangling path of sharp fibers.

Please note:   PestPlug™ is made from 100% Stainless Steel Wool and does not contain plastic filler fibers and it is not the steel wool that will rust as found in many hardware stores. PestPlug is the choice of many Pest Control professionals.  But, as a savvy home owner, you can install it yourself and save hundreds of dollars instead of hiring an exterminator or using harmful chemicals.   


CAUTION:   Always wear gloves when working with steel wool and cut steel wool with scissors, do not tear.  Be sure PestPlug does not come in contact with live electrical wires as this could cause electrical shock or fire.

To install, simply cut off the length needed to wrap around a pipe, to plug a hole or fill a crack.  Once the piece is cut, simply compress the material and squeeze into the opening with your gloved finger or a screwdriver.  A natural property of our stainless steel wool is that it will spring back to create a tight seal that will form around the pipe or fill in the crack.    Use enough wool so that it can fit all the way in but is still very snug and not easy to pul out. Then, using any brand of common household caulk or expanding foam, fill the hole around the steel wool. This will harden and help keep the wool in place, preventing even the most pesky of rodents or pests from dragging it free.


  • Weep holes  (
  • Gaps around pipes passing through walls
  • Outside Electrical conduit that will allow rats or mice to enter and burrow inside and eventually they chew away at the electrical insulation.
  • Gaps between foundation and sill plates or framing in homes, barns, farm silos, metal buildings.  
  • Any hole as small as 1/4″ in diameter could be an entry point for a mouse or other small creature.
  • Item #: PP4x5

PestPlug™ Small DIY Kit: 4" Wide x 5' Long Roll

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