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MUFF PACK - 4 Stroke Muffler Repacking Kit:  MP19

Size:  Will fit up to 2.5" diameter baffle x 19" long.  (MUFF PACK can be cut with scissors or tin snips) 


Applications: Ideal for high performance 4 stroke mufflers especially when fiberglass packing alone only lasts a few hours. 

-  Motocross

-  ATV's, UTV's

-  Big Bore Cruiser mufflers

- Sport and Touring Bike Mufflers



- Felted Stainless Steel Wool Core Wrap  10" x 20.5"

- Stainless steel wire mesh, 10" x 20"

- Fiberglass insulation blanket, 20" x 24"

- 12 Rivets 

FREE BONUS:   #00 & #3 Steel Wool Hand Pad for cleaning & polishing


WHAT IS A MUFF PACK REPACKING KIT?  Muff Pack is a muffler repacking kit consisting of stainless steel wool and a high temperature resistant insulation blanket.  Our stainless steel wool is mechanically woven and formed into a strong blanket of steel that provides an added layer of thermal protection and lengthens the life of the insulation material.  
WHY USE MUFF PACK?  Stainless steel wool is widely installed by muffler manufacturers and professional racers. Motocross enthusiasts and racers around the world have reported mufflers packed with stainless steel wool will last up to 4 to 5 times longer than by using fiberglass alone.

APPLICATIONS? MUFF PACK muffler repacking kit can be used on most 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines in:  Cars, Sport and Touring Motorcycles, Motocross, ATV's, UTV’s, Snowmobiles, Jet skis, Farm and Industrial applications.

WHEN TO REPACK?  If your muffler’s exhaust tone is starting to sound louder or “raspy” & if you are losing a little “bottom end power” your muffler packing  has: either broken down and been blown out or is saturated with oil or water.   Re-packing should always be carried out as per your muffler manufacturers’ recommended intervals. 

Our TEXSTEEL (needled punched mat) is widely used by OEM's of motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and high performance automotive mufflers.  

It is also the product of choice by professional racing enthusiasts for high heat absorption inside mufflers for 4 stroke and 2 stroke gas engines.      It is recommended, Stainless steel wool be used in conjunction with ceramic or fiberglass mat, especially for carbon fiber mufflers to prevent excessive heat cracking and discoloration.   When used in conjuction with ceramic or fiberglass matting, you can expect the fiberglass or ceramic packing to last a longer time, so this means additional life for your muffler between packings.  

For those concerned about stainless steel wool being flammable, it is not.  It is different than carbon steel wool or conventional steel wool (aka SOS pads) as found in grocery and hardware stores.  Carbon steel wool is machined with oil.  So when a flame or spark comes in contact with the steel wool, it is actually the oil burning, not the steel wool.   On the other hand, stainless steel wool is not machined with oil, so it will not ignite. 

Produced with precision machinery by International Steel Wool to the highest quality standards.  Stainless steel wool is made from AISI 434 stainless steel. For more information, go to

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Stainless steel wool products withstand temperatures in excess of 750°C, exhaust acids and high vibration.

  • Item #: MP19

"MUFF PACK" - Repacking Kit for Mufflers up to 19" long

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